People can learn to do almost anything. But creation in which people devote all of their mind, their heart, their soul, and their strength is priceless and invaluable. Therefore, our symbol represents the unity of international communities with the greater American population, as represented by the two intertwined hearts. Although people have come from many diverse lands, and still hold their native countries dear, they have also been able to make a new home for themselves in America. This new home has empowered them to forge lasting bonds with people of all different races, creeds, and colors, and to live and work together in the bond of their common humanity. In addition, the interlocked hearts represent me and my loved ones.

The color RED represents courage, as America is made up of people who have moved away from their native country, language, and culture, and come to an unfamiliar land of strangers, but who have made a home for themselves in this new land. Red also represents the courage of the American people, who have overcome many dangers and hardships in forming a country which now welcomes so many people. The color red can be found not only in the American flag, but also in almost every state flag, including Texas.

White represents purity, with all of the various populations coming together in unity to form one country. The star represents both America, whose flag contains a star for every state, and Texas, which is the Lone Star state. No other symbol could represent both the entirety of America as well as Texas, which has become a new home for so many arrivals to this country. My love and respect for both America and Texas is so great that I placed the star at the top of the symbol, above myself and my loved ones.

Blue represents loyalty, as new Americans still remember and love their native homes, but are also loyal to their new home.

I have three golden stripes to represent my home country of Vietnam, and to represent the three wishes that people have: to improve the prosperity and social position for themselves, their loved ones, and their community. Gold represents opportunity, as hardworking, motivated people can achieve success in America. One state that has welcomed a large number of immigrants and offered them great opportunities is Texas, the Lone Star State, which is represented in our symbol by a single white star with a blue trim.

Texas is the second largest state in the United States, with an area about 269,000 square miles and a population of almost 29 million. Just as my symbol has three gold stripes, Texas is known for three major industries: the petroleum industry, the aerospace industry, and the medical research industry. Texas is one of the most important states related to the health of the U.S. economy and the stock exchange. It is also the only state in the U.S. with its own power grid, so a blackout in another state will not leave Texas in the dark.


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