I like a team that can provide great leadership without turning into a great dictatorship because cuts and bruises eventually heal but emotional scars can last forever.

Greetings all, my name is “D-Liberty”, the female founder of Be Patient with Me. I used to be one of the people who were verbally and physically abused by family members. I came to America from Asia at a relatively young age. My early years were spent learning Asian culture, whereas my later years involved adapting to and interacting with American culture. So I have learned the important principles of hard work, family values, self-sacrifice, and community cohesion; in addition, I have recognized the need for tolerance and open-mindedness as well as continuous experience and improvement. For people are diverse because of their different cultural backgrounds and experiences, but are united by their common humanity. For this reason, I became committed to helping people, especially immigrants like myself. I devoted myself to speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves, and helping people who have been verbally, physically, or spiritually violated by people with less sensitivity and humanity. Be Patient with Me respects and believes that all individuals should have an equal right to liberty, self-expression, education, opportunity, and social interaction. We strive to create a community especially for soft-spoken, kind-hearted, and especially careful and sensitive people who have experienced persecution and repression. Be Patient with Me believes that together, we can


“We” are committed to promote liberty and defusing critical situations through careful expression, moderation of tone, and use of non-confrontational body language. Be Patient with Me would respect your opinions and trust your feelings; we would make constructive comments on submissions, either directly or indirectly, as needed.

“D-Liberty” – Founder of Be Patient with Me has a Master’s Degree in Science in Psychology and a Master’ Degree in Science in Administration of Justice and Security. She also has many years of experience in spiritual analysis, consulting, and healing for clientele, friends, and relatives.

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