Greetings, all.

My name is DLiberty. I believe in Liberty and Opportunity. I like a team that can provide great leadership without turning into a great dictatorship. And that “Great Team” is known as America.

America is known for Liberty, Courage, and Opportunity for Prosperity. For centuries, America has welcomed so many immigrants and given them their missing piece of life – Liberation. I am one of the ordinary little minority immigrants who believe “Everyone is entitled to make mistakes, but never forget to perceive and correct them ®”; therefore Together, we can help each other to understand and communicate, regardless of differences in religious beliefs, ethnicity, and financial condition. Together, we can help one another through rough and challenging times, regardless of differences in religious beliefs, ethnicity, and financial condition. And Together, we can help each other using the power of the mind to heal and correct our mistakes, regardless of differences in religious beliefs, ethnicity, and financial condition.

My Guiding Principles

1.      Respect ancestors. Respect, love, and cherish parents and family.

I value my parents above all things, as I received the precious gift of life from them, and was nurtured by them since the day I was born. I love and treat my brothers and sisters with fairness and equality, and share things with them as my parents taught me.

2.      Respect all religions and religious beliefs.

I do not dislike any religion or religious belief from anyone, anywhere. Although I am a religious person, I do not try to force my beliefs on anyone or try to convert anybody, either by threatening them through words or actions.

3.      Appreciate, understand, and support educational systems.

I understand that before anyone of us becomes President of a great big country, the brave soldiers and law enforcement officers, medical experts, and so many other professions, I and they learn from teachers, who progress from basic instructions to more advanced theories, while giving us the benefit of their experience. I try to show my appreciation for all the educators’ efforts by donating, little by little, my time, ideas, and material support.

4.      Appreciate, support, understand and listen to our men and women in the military.

I always pray for our soldiers to have a safe trip and a safe return home. They are the ones who bring Liberty, Courage, Independence, and Happiness to us. I hope everyone will try hard to understand and appreciate them. No soldiers left behind, please.

5.      Sexual Orientation and Ethnicity Differences.

I do not discriminate against anyone, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or physical handicap. I believe as long as everyone’s blood has the same color, which is red, we are basically all the same and should be able to try to understand each other and improve living conditions together.

6.      Harmful behavior, Abuse of Power, and Bullying

I do not believe that, even with the authority in my hand, I should stalk people, endanger their lives, threaten them either by words or actions of any kind, or damage their property either directly or indirectly.

7.      Don’t cheat on spouse, partner, or lover.

I believe that once you are committed to a spouse, partner, or lover, you should honor your commitment. In my opinion, committed people should spend time to understand each other, learn from misunderstandings to help the relationship grow and improve, and forgive and forget petty disagreements.

8.      Respect other people’s property.

I believe that no one should take or damage other people’s property, either directly or indirectly. Even if something is left outside in broad daylight, that doesn’t make it all right to take it. If I see something that I like that a friend or neighbor owns, I ask if I can borrow it, and make sure to treat it carefully until I return it.

9.      Always respect the truth and don’t betray your friendships.

I don’t like to falsify information, because it could cause someone to suffer damage from which they will never heal. Don’t promise anything you can’t keep or you don’t intend to keep. Don’t fool people with your words or actions.

Friendship is not easy to build up, therefore do not betray your friendships by words or actions that you can never recover.

10.  Don’t betray the love of a spouse, partner, or lover.

I don’t believe in desiring someone else other than your spouse, partner, or lover. This will only lead to feelings of resentment and unhappiness.

11.      Devote myself to family and loved ones.

I love to spend time with my family, including kids, pets, and people who live with the family. I usually ask or answer questions from my kids, and can tell how they feel by the expression on their faces. As for the other people who live with me, I always reserve time to discuss any matters or issues with them, because I believe that people should not try to hold their concerns or issues too much, that would be unhealthy. I love to spend time taking care of my garden because I find that working with flowers and arranging them put my mind and ease and can help me reflect on my actions. I love to be able to support my family, loved ones, and people in need financially.

12.      Promote public safety.

Due to recent public safety concerns regarding accidents and injuries caused by distracted driving, especially Texting while Driving, I have trademarked a public safety message which challenges people to drive in a responsible manner: “No Texting, No Drinking and Driving are GREAT Challenges for Everyone®. I hope I have not offended anyone with this message.

13.      Be nice, be kind, and be aware around the neighborhood.

Be considerate of your neighbor. I always speak to them in a nice and positive manner, and give reasonable and constructive suggestions about neighborhood issues.

Be protective of my neighborhood. I like to keep an eye on the neighborhood and watch for suspicious vehicles or persons. I also like to keep in touch with the neighbors, so I know they are all right.

14.      Multicultural

I try to learn about and understand people from different cultures and regions of the world. This way I can interact with them and work with them to “Create and Build for a Better Humankind TM”.

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