Mother’s Day to be Rescinded!

How much do we know about Mother’s Day other than it is the second Sunday in May and a “special day” to treat Mommy with a beautiful bouquet, a nice, poetic card, and a trip to her favorite restaurant? Not much. Mother’s Day was created and championed by Anna Jarvis as a special day for […]

Treating Coronavirus with the Ebola drug Remdesivir

Winning the Lotto Jackpot is super fantastic, but hearing there is hope for treating Coronavirus is the greatest. I’m so excited, and I cannot hide it, so I have to share with y’all that the US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) has authorized emergency use of the Ebola drug Remdesivir to treat people hospitalized […]

Hay fever or Covid-19?

I am just as terrified as everyone else by the invasion of Coronavirus, aka Covid-19, but how can you tell the difference between just hay fever and coronavirus? According to both BBC health correspondents and textbook definitions, hay fever is a seasonal illness. It’s an allergic reaction from breathing in plant pollen, followed by sneezing, […]

Covid 2

I am just as terrified and horrified as everyone by the invasion of coronavirus, aka Covid-19, but I am glad to see that scientists are working just as hard to combat against the silent killer. First, some people are anti-vaccinations due to their religious beliefs, whereas others strongly believe in their immune systems and respect […]


I am just as terrified and horrified as everyone else by the invasion of coronavirus, aka Covid-19, but I am also occupied with questions about and solutions for the silent killer. To the best of my knowledge, coronavirus or Covid-19 is not a brand-new virus. According to the BBC, 4 coronaviruses currently circulate in human […]

Michael Le

Our family’s deepest Condolences and thoughts go out to Michael’s family, friends, and classmates at Kempner High School. David, words cannot express our sadness. We knew Michael from when he was a little boy and he was always sweet and polite and considerate. He was a special person who touched our lives and we will […]

Well said from a book.

“We cannot afford to be Morally and Materially rich but Humanely and spiritually poor.” Quote from the book ” Don’t screw up my life, please.”

Transgender- No prejudice, No discrimination ; just simple precautions and protections.

The recent “Transgender Schools policy” is the reason I write this letter begging to please help and have consideration for Womankind. My family and I are not against any member of the LGBT community nor Transgenders. But if the proposed Transgender passes, school facilities including Elementary, Middle school, High school, College, and all Emergency shelters […]

Harassment, discrimination, and abuse of power from Texas Department of Agriculture employees.

Texas Department of Agriculture P.O. Box 12847 Austin TX 78711-2847 Attn: Commissioner Sid Miller February 16, 2017 Dear Commissioner Miller:             We are writing to inform you of the harassment, discrimination, and abuse of power that we have received from agents of your department. We never would have believed that once we cooperated with many […]

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