Michael Le

Our family’s deepest Condolences and thoughts go out to Michael’s family, friends, and classmates at Kempner High School. David, words cannot express our sadness. We knew Michael from when he was a little boy and he was always sweet and polite and considerate. He was a special person who touched our lives and we will […]

Well said from a book.

“We cannot afford to be Morally and Materially rich but Humanely and spiritually poor.” Quote from the book ” Don’t screw up my life, please.”

Transgender- No prejudice, No discrimination ; just simple precautions and protections.

The recent “Transgender Schools policy” is the reason I write this letter begging to please help and have consideration for Womankind. My family and I are not against any member of the LGBT community nor Transgenders. But if the proposed Transgender passes, school facilities including Elementary, Middle school, High school, College, and all Emergency shelters […]

Harassment, discrimination, and abuse of power from Texas Department of Agriculture employees.

Texas Department of Agriculture P.O. Box 12847 Austin TX 78711-2847 Attn: Commissioner Sid Miller February 16, 2017 Dear Commissioner Miller:             We are writing to inform you of the harassment, discrimination, and abuse of power that we have received from agents of your department. We never would have believed that once we cooperated with many […]

No text while driving please.

Dear Ms. DLiberty, My name is Austin, and I am a member of the Texas National Guard. I remember the first time that I was driving and saw your vehicle covered with the ” No Texting, No Drinking and Driving are Great Challenges for Everyone” magnets. I was so interested by this that I followed […]

Thank you!

Dear Ms. D.Liberty, My name is Katalina B. I recently graduated high school and am now a freshman in college about to attend an art school in New York in the Fall. I am  not sure what others may believe about your company and everything it entails (your website, slogans, etc.) , but I believe […]


America is known for Liberty, Courage, and Opportunity for Prosperity. For centuries, America has welcomed so many immigrants and given them their missing piece of life-Liberation.. I am one of the ordinary little minority migrants from Asia. The recent ” Transgender Schools policy” is the reason I would like to post this message to please […]

Identity confusion 2.

My best friend’s family; I have been a best friend with him for roughly 20 years. His sister was  married to a man, they have 2 smart and handsome boys. Mrs Deb, is the sister’s name. Her marriage started  falling apart since every time she has any altercation or argument with her in  law . Her […]

Identity confusion.

I have lived in Houston for as long as I can remember when America’s economy was still in  extremely good shape. I visited one of my clients 15 years ago in Philadelphia,Jody is her name . After we got back from the restaurant Jody started to tell me her family situation that leads her to […]

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